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Escorts are experienced in proving the best company to their clients. Even for those who are not seeking sexual pleasures, escorts can be a great company. They are good listeners and know how to lead a conversation. They will always be cheerful and try to get your attention so that you do not have to worry about anything else. You can indulge in great talks with them . But there are certain lines which you should never cross. Any personal conversations which make anyone of you uncomfortable will spoil the moment. Here are some awkward topics that you should avoid talking about with escorts.

Why they joined the profession

Do not plan to confront her for her profession as it is the biggest spoiler that you can give to an escort. You will be questioning the very thing that made you meet a model. If it wasn’t for this job, imagine the chances you have to date a model as beautiful as her. Do not be ungrateful for the very service you asked for. They might have their own reasons and have independent choices to make. You will be disrespecting her profession by asking creating conversations like, ‘you are so smart and intelligent, then why do you have to do this?’

Her relationships

If an escort is not comfortable with sharing her personal life with you, do not get more curious to know about it as it can make her leave immediately. You need to be smart enough to know that asking about her relationships is a poor topic of conversation. You cannot ask her about her boyfriend or husband when you are expecting sexual pleasures from her. She will not be able to offer you a good time when both of you have a picture of another man whom she is in a relationship with.


When you agree on meeting an escort, you agree to pay the price for the service which was mentioned in her online profile. Discussing discounts after the escort arrives at your place is a cheap way of asking for her service. If you cannot afford her, look for a model that fits your budget. Asking for discounts after meeting up can create serious troubles for you.

Real Date

No escort wants to meet their clients apart from the time they book. They have their own personal life and do not like to be seen around like a couple with anyone if it is not a service that is asked from them. Do not feel that you are special to an escort because you are getting the attention that you expect from a beautiful lady. Always remember that no matter how much caring they can get, it is always professional. If you want to meet the escort, book another date with her instead of asking if she would like a real date out sometime when she is free.