Popular Online Typing Games You Might Try

Are you searching for a fun way to practice typing, then these popular online typing games could be just what the doctor ordered! Not only will these improve your WPM (word per minute), but they’re also great fun!

Speed Typing Online

Most typing games aim to teach students how to type quickly. Speed Typing Online takes a different approach and encourages players to enjoy the process of mastering typing while they learn it.

Players type to famous books, songs, fables, poems and other types of text to memorize letters and become more acquainted with keyboard layouts. Furthermore, the game features a timer for each lesson so students can track their progress and accuracy levels.

Cup Stacking

This straightforward typing game for beginners features colorful cups on a picnic blanket. Players must type the letters on them to get them all in their correct places – the faster they type, the faster their car will zoom across the screen!

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a multiplayer typing game that lets you race against friends. You can track your records and earn new cars!

Keybr is an online typing hub that provides basic typing games and other activities. It also offers a Word Per Minute test which can be accessed directly on your mobile device.

Words With Letters

In this typing game, the objective is to type words that begin with three random letters and add endings (-s, -ed, -ing), ending each perfectly typed word with its appropriate ending (-er/ers, -ness/nesses). Each correctly typed word increases your point multiplier; however, each incorrect entry resets it back.

Fruit Ninja

Fans of the hit mobile game Fruit Ninja will appreciate this typing version that replaces swiping with typing. With multiple difficulty levels and key rows for focused practice, Fruit Ninja fans won’t be disappointed!

Typing Of The Dead

From SEGA comes this typing-based zombie game where your keyboard replaces guns with keys. Use words such as “Sexual Tyrannosaur” to blast away oncoming zombies and ghouls in an exciting yet intense exercise to improve your typing speed!


If you enjoy an engaging story, then you’ll enjoy this atmospheric adventure typing game. The 3D graphics and voice acting are both stunning, while the game adapts to your typing speed as you engage in epic battles, open chests, and solve puzzles.

Epistory supports multiple keyboard layouts, including QWERTY, Dvorak and Colemak. You can also purchase DLC bundles that add new characters, skillsets and locations to the main game for added enjoyment.

Not Monologue

If your child struggles with speed or accuracy, this Wild West-themed typing game might be ideal. In it, you play as a villain who has tied their arch-nemesis to a train track and must quickly type an evil monologue to escape.

This game is ideal for beginner typists, as it offers various lessons at various difficulties levels. Furthermore, each lesson features a timer which can be used to measure how many words the student types per minute.