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Escort services have different levels of escorts based on their experience and the level of maturity. The higher level of escorts will get have higher rates for booking than the ones in the lower category. The popularity of the escorts is not the only factor which determines their class. There are many other reasons why an escort falls in the category of the elite or luxury class. Here are some of the traits of luxury escorts which makes them special.

Health and hygiene

Elite models keep themselves healthy and do not suffer from any contagious diseases. The escort agencies themselves pay the escorts more in order to take care of themselves. They maintain a proper diet to be able to stay fresh and glowing, which makes them more attractive. They are also not an addict of any kind of drug or alcohol, although they are open to celebrate with their clients for the things they are comfortable with.


The elite models do not just eat healthily but also keep themselves fit by regular exercises and yoga. They learn to stay calm and composed to be able to focus on their work without any pressure. A fit and good looking body increase the level of attention they get from men which helps them in raising their value.


Elite escorts are highly professional and mature enough to know what they are doing. They are usually hired by rich and powerful people who like to have a professional service without any troublesome behaviour and drama. The elite models know how to treat their men and take their job seriously.


The elite models are not just good on providing sexual pleasures but also have an attractive personality which can make the people around their clients feel jealous that they cannot afford them. They are real-time models who follow a quality lifestyle. It is completely different from the lifestyles of the prostitutes that one can find on the streets. They have a level of self-respect which they maintain at all costs.


The elite escorts maintain an attitude even while working. They are cheerful and attentive to make sure their clients are enjoying their company. Clients can feel comfortable with them while also feeling special. At the same time, they are also aware of their surroundings. They can terminate the contract anytime if they feel too uncomfortable or unsafe with their client without worrying about the reviews.


An escort who is beautiful just by the looks will easily make it to the elite model list. Due to this reason, most of the elite models are young as men like to date women younger than them. Young and beautiful escorts get treated better by the clients and often receive big gifts for their service.