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Escort services have become more advanced with the advent of the internet. Even after being a part of the society since the very beginning of the empires, sex for money is still looked down at by society. More than 40% of people in the world paying for such services, and yet on being asked, they refuse to accept it as normal. Escort services are much more professional and mature than we think. There are a lot of misconceptions around escort services which are not true. Here we break down the 5 myths about escort services to give a clearer idea of what it actually is.

The clients are always ugly and bad

Of course, the list of ugly and old men is long, but that does not mean that the escorts only meet the desperate old peeps. It is believed that escorts are never treated well and always fall victim to rude and inappropriate behaviours. But there are also young and attractive men who have succeeded early in their age and have enough money to pay for social companionship. The escorts can have a really good time with such young and powerful men. They also have the freedom of seeing and talking to their client before the meeting. They can refuse the booking if they find the client uncomfortable in any way.

Escorts do not have career opportunities

This question is raised by many clients who feel that they can better the life of a beautiful woman who is in need. Whereas in reality, escorts are completely independent and may earn even more in a month than the clients they meet. Many of the escorts are studying in universities, working, or following a career in becoming a model. They have their life outside the escort business as well. It is only an easy way for them to earn money which they can drop anytime.

Escorts hate their job

No, in fact, they might actually love their job. The escort services are not related to prostitution and have certain rules and regulations to follow under the law. The only thing they will dislike about their profession is the hard work they have to do to earn money, just like any other job. But they usually enjoy their experience with their clients. They even get high reputation from the clients for being excited about their job. Escorts are free to leave the industry anytime they want so if they do not like their job, they will not hang along.

Older models do not get clients

On the contrary, older models get an equal or bigger number of clients as young and old men can never deny the company of a more mature woman. Of course, young models in their 20s are preferred by men due to their beauty, but older models can provide a much more experienced service which can offer more pleasures to the clients. An escort who can maintain herself while ageing will always be in demand until she plans of retiring herself.